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1) Is rachelesque related to you? Nope
2) Would you set up tetsuko_ and icklepurklegirl? hehe yes they would be cute :)
3) Which president would onyx_elite be likely to idolize? none
4) Do you have a crush on miss_feline? Well she is pretty with great breasts ;)
5) What video game does andromeda_x remind you of? anything girly Final Fantasy
6) Are hauntingangel and numaniac going out? Nope
7) What is unicronic allergic to? no idea bee's
8) Do you have onyx_elite's screenname? ummm k
9) yeah_well's eye color? brown and im just guessing
10) If __n_i_c__ and greendan were spliced together, what would be its name? dannic
11) What animal does dj_stillborn remind you of? ummm dog cause he like running round in the woods
12) Is northernmonkey an emo? no!!!!
13) What rank would rev_j have in a giant robot army? he would rule them :)
14) What mental disorder does hauntingangel remind you of? lol none that i can think of
15) What is blossom_blois's shoe size? 5 and i borrow all he shoes and she steals my trainers :p
16) Is agt_orange a nerd? lmao Yes
17) Is northernmonkey single? No she has a Mo
18) What song/movie would you recommend to rev_j? Butterfly Effect cause its exellent
19) Is northernmonkey 1337? ?
20) Are blossom_blois and andromeda_x married? nope
21) Would you ever date hauntingangel? she is my best friend it would be weird
22) What would blossom_blois give unicronic for his/her birthday? Something cool she made
23) If toby_cyberbat and rachelesque were spliced together, what would it be like? very strange woman with a penis haha
24) How many monkeys could greendan fight at once and win against? hehe loads if they are small monkeys
25) One quality you find attractive in andromeda_x? She is so friendly :)
26) Are tetsuko_ and numaniac going steady? nope
27) Would tetsuko_ and dj_stillborn make a good couple? they are a couple and very good together
28) Where would icklepurklegirl most like to visit? Norwich to see all her friends :D She is coming down tomorrow YAY!
29) Has blossom_blois been to your house/dorm? She lives with me
30) How long have you known angelxero? 4 and a Half years :)
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